5 Types Of Warehouse Trolleys

Every warehouse needs trolleys to transport merchandise, equipment, or other items from one place to another. In fact, warehouse trolleys are essential tools for organising and managing inventory, as well as increasing efficiency in the warehouse. 

There are a variety of trolleys available on the market, each with its own unique purpose and features. In this article, we will explore 5 types of warehouse trolleys (also referred to as merchandise trolleys) that can help streamline operations in your warehouse.


1. Platform Trolley


Platform trolleys are one of the most commonly used trolleys in warehouses. They have a flat surface where staff can place items and easily push or pull them around the warehouse. These trolleys are ideal for transporting heavy and bulky items, such as boxes, crates, and equipment. They have four wheels (two fixed and two swivels) that allow for easy manoeuvrability.

At Reef Castor, we manufacture and sell three types of platform trolleys:



2. Parcel Trolley


Parcel trolleys have four high sides, making them ideal for stacking smaller items securely. They are commonly used in warehouses for picking and packing operations, where staff can easily store and transport multiple orders at once.

Here, you can have a look at our Parcel trolley. It is solid and sturdy, with reinforced wheels for portability. 


3. Sack Trolley


Sack trolleys are specifically designed for transporting heavy and bulky sacks or bags. They have a smaller surface area compared to platform trolleys, which makes them easier to manoeuvre in narrow aisles and tight spaces. They also have a curved backrest for added support when carrying heavy loads. 


4. Rocker Trolley


Rocker trolleys are made with a solid steel platform that’s extra long, fitted with handles on both sides and 6 wheels. It is designed for high-weight loadings and extended use in demanding industrial environments.

This type of trolley is ideal for moving large and heavy items, such as furniture, machinery, and equipment. The extra wheels also ensure greater stability and control when transporting these heavier loads. 

Reef Castor’s large rocker trolley and rocker trolley with mesh sides are perfect for heavy-duty work in warehouses and factories. 


5. Order Picking Trolley


Warehouses do daily picking and packing operations, and an order picking trolley is necessary to ensure an efficient process. These trolleys have multiple shelves or tiers to store different orders, allowing staff to fulfil multiple orders in one trip.

Our order picking trolleys come in three configurations:



Looking For Warehouse Trolleys For Sale?


If you’re looking for any of the 5 types of warehouse trolleys mentioned in this article, look no further than Reef Castor. We have a wide selection of high-quality trolleys designed to meet the needs and demands of various industries.

Our warehouse trolley range also includes options for different load capacities, wheel types, and castors, ensuring that you can find the perfect trolley for your specific needs.

In addition to our standard range, we also offer custom solutions to meet any unique requirements you may have.

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