The Advantages of An Aluminium Ladder

Homeowners and working individuals alike have long been aware of the benefits that come with using an aluminium ladder. Whether it’s for general maintenance, repairs or even renovations, ladders are a must-have tool. But what makes aluminium ladders so great? In this article, we’ll be exploring the numerous advantages of these versatile pieces of equipment and why you should consider investing in one today.


What’s An Aluminium Ladder?


Aluminium is a lightweight, soft, and silver type of metal. Aluminium is highly durable, unlike other materials used to construct ladders, such as wood or plastic. This makes them an ideal choice for both home tasks and professional applications.


Types Of Aluminium Ladders


At Reef Castor, we offer a variety of ladder types, all crafted from high-quality aluminium. Our selection includes the following options:


A Frame Medium Duty Ladder


The a-frame medium-duty ladder is perfect for individuals who are looking for a versatile multi-purpose ladder. The ladder features two sides that connect at the top to create a perfect a-frame.

It’s perfect for almost any job requiring a ladder, from painting and gardening to stocking in warehouses and maintaining industrial equipment.

The capacity for the medium-duty ladder is 115kgs, and for the heavy-duty ladder, 135kgs.


Double Extension Ladder


Extension ladders are ladders that can be extended to double their original length and are ideal for those working on high surfaces such as on top of roofs.

The double extension ladder at Reef Castor is constructed from lightweight aluminium, making it easy to transport wherever you need to go. It can be extended up to nine metres in length and features a non-slip base that ensures your safety when using the ladder.

The capacity for these extension ladders is either 115kgs or 135 kgs, depending on the weight of duty you require.


5 in 1 Aluminium Combination  Ladder


The 5 in 1 Combination ladder is the ultimate all-in-one ladder for any job. It can be adjusted to five different configurations, making it an excellent choice for those who often need to work at different heights.


The 5 positions are as follows:

  1. Straight lean-to ladder
  2. A frame ladder
  3. Two-piece extension ladder
  4. Three-piece extension ladder
  5. A frame with a third piece


Advantages Of An Aluminium Ladder


Aluminium ladders are very popular, and here are some of the reasons why:


Durable and Corrosion-resistant


Aluminium ladders are made with rust-resistant aluminium, perfect for any environment. This makes them much more durable than other types of ladders, which can suffer from corrosion over time.


Lightweight and Easy to Carry


Aluminium ladders are incredibly lightweight compared to other materials, making them easy to carry and manoeuvre when in use.


Flexible and Adaptable


Reef Castor’s aluminium ladders come in five different configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect ladder for even the most difficult of jobs.


Affordable and Eco-Friendly


Aluminium ladders are relatively affordable, and they are also much more environmentally friendly than other materials like steel or wood. 


Where Are Aluminium Ladders Used?


Aluminium ladders are perfect for a range of different jobs, from home DIY to professional tradespeople. For example, 

  • Electricians may use an aluminium ladder to access high-light fittings or wiring.
  • Carpenters can be used to reach higher levels for cutting wood or installing windows. 
  • Construction sites and warehouses may use aluminium ladders to safely move or stock items at higher levels. 
  • Painters and decorators can use them to access walls for painting or wallpapering.


No matter the job, Reef Castor’s selection of aluminium ladders is perfect for creating a safe working environment.

Safety Tips For Using An Aluminium Ladder


There are a few safety considerations to keep in mind when using an aluminium ladder. According to the Labour Guide, “accidents involving ladders lead to an alarmingly high amount of work-related incidents,” so it is important to take precautions. 

Read the following safety tips before using an aluminium ladder: 


Buy From A Reputable Supplier Of Aluminium Ladders


To ensure your ladder is of the highest quality, make sure you buy it from a reputable supplier like Reef Castor.


Inspect Your Ladder Before Use


Always inspect your aluminium ladder before use for any signs of damage. If you notice any signs of wear or tear, replace the ladder immediately.


Secure The Ladder Properly


When setting up a ladder, ensure it is properly secured at the top and bottom. It should also be placed on an even, stable surface.


Wear Appropriate Clothing And Equipment When Climbing


When climbing a ladder, wear appropriate clothing and shoes – no sandals or open-toe footwear. If possible, wear a harness to provide additional safety while climbing.


Make Sure Others Are Away From The Ladder


When using an aluminium ladder in a public space, make sure that other people are not standing beneath the ladder. This could result in serious injury if you slip or fall from the top of it.


Place Your Ladder At The Correct Angle


When setting up a ladder, make sure it is placed at the correct angle. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the base of the ladder is one foot away from the surface for every four feet it climbs.


Use All Necessary Safety Features


Always use any safety features that come with the ladder. This could include stabiliser bars, non-slip materials on the feet and handrails for added stability while climbing.


Don’t Climb Too High


Never climb a ladder higher than it is designed to be used. Exceeding this height can result in serious injury or death if you slip or fall.


Clean Your Ladder After Use


Make sure to always clean your ladder after use, especially if it’s been exposed to dirt or grime from a job site. This will help maintain the integrity of the aluminium and ensure it remains in good working order for years to come.


Store The Ladder In A Secure Place


When not in use, make sure to store your ladder in a secure place. This will protect it from the elements and help prevent damage or theft.


Get Competitive Aluminium Ladder Prices At Reef Castor!


Are you looking for an aluminium ladder that is safe and secure to use? Reef Castor stocks a wide range of high-quality, competitively priced step ladders and extension ladders. Visit us at our factories in Pretoria or Durban to get the best prices for aluminium ladders. 

Note we do not manufacture aluminium mount step ladders.  

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