Benefits of Investing in Quality Egg Trolleys in South Africa

Looking for quality egg trolleys for sale in South Africa can be difficult, especially with the wide range of options available in the market.

Luckily, Reef Castor offers high-quality egg trolleys that benefit you and your business! 

Below, we’ll list the benefits of investing in our quality egg trolleys for sale!


1. Versatile 


Our egg trolleys are versatile. It can be used in various industries, including:

  • supermarkets to display egg cartons neatly and attractively
  • retail stores to display merchandise such as clothing

This versatility makes our egg trolleys a valuable asset for your business, as they can serve multiple purposes. 


2. Size and Weight


The size and weight capacity of an egg trolley are crucial factors to consider when purchasing one. Depending on your needs, an egg trolley can transport and display many eggs or just a few.

Our egg trolley size is:

  • Height: 1760mm
  • Width: 970mm
  • Depth: 670mm

The weight capacity can hold up to 360 Dozen Eggs! 

Our egg trolleys’ size and weight capacity ensures that you can transport and display a significant amount of eggs or merchandise without any hassle.


3. Manoeuvrability


Transporting goods from a loading dock to a designated space must be done efficiently. With the help of our egg trolleys, you can easily move large quantities of eggs or merchandise from one place to another without any strain on your back.

Our trolley features four 125 mm swivel castors for optimal mobility. These castors are designed to move smoothly, even when the trolley is fully loaded. This makes our egg trolleys not only practical but also user-friendly.


4. Completely Knocked Down


CKD trolleys, or Completely Knocked Down trolleys, are perfect for businesses with limited storage space. Our egg trolleys can be easily disassembled into smaller parts and stacked on top of each other when not in use, making them a convenient option for businesses with limited space.

In terms of logistics, CKD trolleys can also save on transportation costs as they take up less space during transport. This is an added benefit for businesses looking to cut down on expenses.


5. Customisable 


Does your business have specific requirements when it comes to egg trolleys? At Reef Castor, we understand that every business is unique and may require customised solutions. 

That’s why we offer customisation options for our egg trolleys.

We offer customisation with a header board, allowing you to display your company logo or any essential information you wish to highlight. Additionally, you have the option of choosing a full colour on either an ABS board or a CNC plate, enhancing the visual appeal.


Order the Best Egg Trolleys in South Africa Today!


A quality egg trolley can bring numerous benefits to your business. With ease of use, practicality, and customisation options, Reef Castor’s egg trolleys are the perfect addition to any business in South Africa.

Don’t settle for subpar equipment that may strain your employees and hinder productivity. 

Contact us at Reef Castor today, or visit one of our Pretoria West or Durban stores to order the best egg trolleys in South Africa!

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