Tips for Selecting the Best A-Frame Security Rolltainer

A-frame security rolltainers revolutionised various industries due to their secure, moveable storage solutions. With their sturdy construction and lockable features, a-frame security rolltainers offer an excellent choice for companies looking to safeguard their valuable merchandise. In this post, we’ll list tips to help you select the best a-frame security rolltainer for your business needs.


1. Consider Your Storage Needs


Before purchasing an a-frame security rolltainer, it’s essential to assess your storage needs. Determine the type of items you’ll be storing and their size. This will help you choose the right dimensions and weight capacity of the rolltainer.

Our a-frame security rolltainers have the following dimensions:

  • external dimension: 1726 x 734 x 850 mm
  • internal dimension: 1457 x 681 x 812 mm
  • safe working load per shelf: 125 kg
  • maximum load capacity: 500 kg
  • overall weight: 60 kg


2. Evaluate the Security Features


One of the main reasons businesses opt for a-frame security rolltainers is their security features. When selecting a rolltainer, make sure it has a strong and sturdy construction to prevent theft or tampering. 


3. Think about maneuverability


A-frame security rolltainers are designed to be easily moveable, making it convenient for businesses to transport and store their merchandise.

When choosing a rolltainer, consider the size and type of wheels and castors used. 

Our a-frame security rolltainers have 2 x super elastic swivel plate castors in the front and 2 x super elastic fixed castors at the back, which allow for smooth movement and stability while in use.

In addition to maneuverability, you also need to consider space. Where are you going to store the rolltainer? If you have limited space, our a-frame security rolltainer can be easily nested for compact storage.


4. Look for Durability


Another important factor to consider is the rolltainer’s durability. It should be able to withstand the weight capacity and daily wear and tear without compromising its structural integrity.

Our security rolltainers are made from high-quality materials such as steel and mesh finished with gold or silver Zinc Electroplated coating to ensure long-lasting durability.


5. Consider the Use


What will your security rolltainer be used for? This is an important question to ask when selecting the best a-frame rolltainer. 

Popular industries in which our a-frame security rolltainers are used include:

  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Transportation via Trucks
  • Courier Services
  • Supermarkets


6. Find A Reputable Manufacturer


When investing in a security rolltainer, it is important to choose a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high-quality and reliable products.

At Reef Castor, we have years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a-frame security rolltainers. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Visit one of our branches – Pretoria West or Durban – and let our friendly and knowledgeable team assist you in finding the perfect security rolltainer for your needs. Or, contact us online, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




A-frame security rolltainers are essential for storing and transporting valuable goods securely. When choosing the right one for your business or personal use, consider the above tips, including weight capacity, durability, and intended use. 

And be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer like Reef Castor to ensure the highest quality product. 

With a reliable security rolltainer on your side, you can rest assured that your goods will be safe and secure during transport or storage.

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