We know you may have questions about our products and services. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ section to address your most common inquiries.

Reef Castor

Frequent Questions


Do you offer a guarantee on your products

We offer a 6 months guarantee on the following for all goods manufactured; frames, castors/wheels and handles
– subject to Terms and Conditions.


Are you BEE compliant?

Yes, Level 3


What are your payment terms?

All orders are strictly COD (Cash on Delivery) or should you purchase goods frequently and/or in large quantities you have the option to open an account.


Do you manufacture special orders?

Yes, we manufacture special goods related to our field. The following has to be specified:
Dimensions: (Size, Height, Width and Depth)
Weight: of goods to be carried
Finish: (Standard is Zinc Electroplated, however we can Powder Coat),
Material: Strictly manufactured from mild steel.


What finish would you recommend for coastal areas?

We recommend electroplating; it’s a longer lasting finish and prevents rust. We also recommend this finish for the food industry, such as butcheries, bakeries etc.


What are your delivery terms?

Delivery is free of charge in Gauteng, however subject to Terms and Conditions.
Delivery outside Gauteng is payable per unit, a discount is offered on quantity.

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